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eCommerce Website, React App, Android Studio App
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Computer Science and Applied Math Double Concentration
@Brown University '26

I'm Fabio, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Brown University. My passion resides at the intersection of design, software engineering, and AI. I love using my programming skills to make a positive impact and creating captivating web experiences. Below, you'll discover a selection of projects that not only showcase my work but also some of the movements I believe in: education and community service.

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Project 1


React app designed for an emerging nonprofit organization in El Salvador. This website has provided the organization with a professional digital presence, enhancing their ability to make impactful presentations to stakeholders.

Project 2

FraganceShop SV

An eCommerce website for a small perfume company in El Salvador which has successfully attracted a significant audience and generated over $10k in revenue within its first month of operation.

Project 3

Mate On The Go

Award-winning Android app offering over 50 math lessons and quizzes for high school students. This educational app has garnered acclaim and popularity, with downloads spanning across 20 countries in Latin America.

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Jira Software

On-field Experience in Software Development

Software Development Management Intern @ Banco Cuscatlan: Contributed to the digital transformation efforts at one of Central America's fastest-growing banks. Conducted research and proposed Jira Service Management adoption to enhance Change Management. Rectified 14 front-end issues and glitches identified on the Bank’s website during the summer season, significantly enhancing the user experience for a substantial audience of 300k web visitors. Conducted meticulous code assessments on web changes by fellow developers, diligently searching for potential errors and inconsistencies.

Software Engineer @ Fullstack at Brown: Graduated from a comprehensive Web Development bootcamp with expertise in front-end development, server management, API integration, database design, and React.js. Currently improving the design and functionality of the computer science department's digital assets for enhanced user experience.

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